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Firework display packs

Pyro Universe
£385.00 £285.00
Pyro Universe 32 Display Fireworks - Back by popular demand! This was a huge seller last year and no wonder with its excellent value and... View
Single Ignition MEGA DEAL
Single Ignititon MEGA DEAL What a great deal – huge in size and performance with these high powered single ignition displays. 4... View
Sky Detonation
£890.00 £625.00
Sky Detonation 53 Large Fireworks Containing a huge range of large fireworks and lots of new items for 2012. Just look at that finale... View
Stratus Plus
£2,400.00 £1,525.00
Stratus Plus 123 Fireworks FREE WITH THIS PACK – 1 x KRAZY KRAKATOA WORTH £65! A selection of larger fireworks –... View
The Spectrum
£275.00 £175.00
The Spectrum 5 x APPOLLO ROCKETS rockets in assorted effects and colours 1 x ROMAN CANDLE, large comet tailed effects 1 x FOUNT ETNA... View
Ultimate Celebration
£140.00 £99.00
Ultimate Celebration 34 Fireworks. A great starter display, packed full of quality exciting fireworks sure to impress. Includes rockets,... View
Ultimate Crowd Pleaser
Ultimate Crowd Pleaser x Fishes and Seahorses 30 shots, stunning blue fish, golden brocade horsetails 1 x Shanghai Cyclones 16 shots,... View
Universe Invasion
£1,495.00 £1,050.00
Universe Invasion 81 Fireworks – this huge display kit packs a mighty punch containing some of the largest fireworks available! Lots... View
Barrage Pack 4
Barrage Pack 4 9 High Quality Barrages A stunning range of barrages ideal as a display on their own or a superb addition to any... View
A6 Star attack
£2,959.00 £1,999.00
A6 star attack A quality display for the most demanding of crowds. Highaerial power with the huge performing Buffalo Stampede, Crazy Horse... View
Aerial Invasion
£1,494.00 £1,099.00
Aerial Invasion 85 Fireworks - HUGELY IMPROVED FOR 2012! High aerial and high impact with this great spectacular display pack. Lots of... View
Aerial Pack 1
£355.00 £244.00
Aerial Pack 1 48 Fireworks A great selection of aerial fireworks sure to impress your crowds. The pack includes our popuar... View
Aerial pack 2B Star Traveller
£487.00 £375.00
Aerial pack 2B Star Traveller A stunning range of larger fireworks, sure to be a huge success with your crowd – watch out for the... View
Aerial Pleaser
Aerial Pleaser 17 High Performing Fireworks Huge savings with this spectacular display kit – packed full of our premium... View
Aerial Universe
Aerial Universe 128 High Perfoming Fireworks FREE WITH THIS PACK – 1 x KRAZY KRAKATOA WORTH £65! A selection of larger... View
Barrage Pack 1
£70.00 £60.00
Barrage Pack 1 6 Superb barrages sure to impress, and ideal display on its own or an additional to the other packs –... View
Barrage Pack 2
£139.00 £100.00
Barrage Pack 2 8 Superb barrages ideal, with powerful bursts and stunning colours and effects. Fire in pairs to give maximum effect. 2 x... View
Barrage Pack 3
£154.00 £135.00
 Barrage Pack 3 6 of our high performing extra large 19 shot barrages – fire in pairs to give a jaw dropping spread of... View
Barrage Pack 5
£220.00 £184.00
 Barrage Pack 5 5 Stunning barrages, including the large single ignition Total Turmoil – these will provide stunning... View
Barrage Pack 6
£259.00 £199.00
Barrage Pack 6 Fire in pairs to give maximum results – containing some of the best barrages, including Poisonous Spider and Cheery... View
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