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Multi shot fireworks

Top Secret
Multi-coloured mines Multi-coloured overhead bursts Time rain finale   ... View
Firework Fanatic
Blue and gold mines Blue and gold cascading palm trees Golden strobe willow     ... View
Best of British
Strobing dahlia bursts Magical blue to red colour change bursts Large palm and peony bursts Crackling willow... View
Vicious Vampires
Sky blue bursts Time rain Pink silver strobe willow   ... View
Mad as a box of frogs
Red and silver tiger tails Whistling comets Crackling bursts   ... View
Missile Assualt
Whistling surface to air missiles with crackles   ... View
Ice Diamond
Red and green pearls White storbes   ... View
Monkey Business
Green tails Purple pearls Green strobe Blue pearls   ... View
Piranha Attack
Red and white peony bursts Purple, yellow and red plam trees Blue pearls   ... View
Devils Fire
Large coloured bursts inbuilt finale great addition to any display   ... View
Shanghai Cyclones
Red tail to silver spinners spinners to large silver bursts very unique effect!   ... View
Willow trees
Huge crackling willow effect long lasting cascading bursts inbuilt finale   ... View
Fishes and seahorses
Light crackling tails to silver fish in blue sea white strobe brocade horsetail inbuilt finale     ... View
Monsters Madness
Golden palm trees green stobe to white gold crackling palms inbuilt finale   ... View
Storm Chaser
Z Firing effects coloured comets whistling serpants crackling and brocade stars fanned across the sky   ... View
Sky ambush
Large whistling comets to huge coloured bursts fan and Z firing effects A real crowd pleaser   ... View
Space detonation
Silver strobe mines to red palm tree green palm tree yellow and time rain   ... View
Shooting Stars
Coloured comets Whistles Crackling comets multi coloured bursts   ... View
Serpants nest
Whistling comets to large red and blue bursts changing to lemon and purple bursts A real crowd pleaser   ... View
Triple attack
Fanned and upright effects Large coloured bursts triple shot fans to create a huge spread across the sky!   ... View
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